The University of Iowa


The following eligibility guidelines must be met in accordance with Part V, Chapter 35, "Conditions of Use of University Facilities" in the UI Operations Manual

There are three categories of users eligible to use University facilities:

  • Primary users (academic or departmental activities)
  • University-affiliated, non-primary users (approved student organizations)
  • Non-University affiliated users (community non-profit organizations)

University facilities are dedicated to primary uses within the institution.

Primary uses include established student, faculty, and staff activities which are part of the course of regular University business, including classroom activities, faculty and staff work and research activities, University committee meetings, regular meetings of University-wide student government, and other activities necessary to and part of the regular conduct of University business which occurs in space assigned for use during normal operating hours of the facility.

Casual use means spontaneous use of University facilities for which there is no prior promotion, solicitation, or purposeful attempt to attract the public.

Non-primary uses include all uses of University facilities which are neither primary uses nor casual uses.

Facilities can be reserved for other uses provided the uses are consistent with the University’s mission. The following are usages that meet this definition:

A. The proposed use is appropriately sponsored by an academic department, recognized student, staff, or faculty organization by the University, and is open to the University community.

  1. All student organizations which are recognized or approved by the Office of Student Engagement and Campus Programs may use University facilities subject to the precedence of regular academic activity and to adherence to all applicable rules and regulations.

B. The proposed use contributes directly to the established academic program or the outreach efforts of the University which is academic or educational in nature.

C. The proposed use is for an activity/meeting that is NON-profit making in a commercial sense and does not involve the selling of commercial products or services to students or staff.

D. The proposed use must not conflict with any scheduled or anticipated primary uses.

  1. Non-University affiliated users must submit in writing any requests for use of facilities to the Office of the Registrar, stating the dates and times of the requested use.
  2. Reservations will be taken for special events for Non-University affiliated users subject to approval by the Office of the Registrar, the availability of facilities, and compliance of University policies governing the use of facilities.

E. Adequate space and support services must be available and use must meet all fire and safety codes and not present danger to persons or University facilities or equipment.

F. All users must make arrangements and provide evidence that they have the ability to pay for any assessed charges for use of University facilities. These charges may include usage fees as well as required support services or expenses for damage.

Conditions of Use

A. Recognized student organizations are to utilize suitable facilities when available in the Iowa Memorial Union.

B. Failure to obtain approval for the use of facilities or violations of applicable University regulations during use may result in the withdrawal of any future privilege of use.

C. Reservations ordinarily will not be made for the use of facilities on any official University Holiday. Under extraordinary circumstances, the Office of the Registrar may approve exceptions.

D. Approval for the use of facilities is final only upon payment of specified charges and/or damage deposit if required by the Office of the Registrar.

E. Use of space shall be subject to all applicable policies of the University.