The University of Iowa

Classroom Scheduling Practices for Energy Savings -- 24 Hours Processing Notice Required

The Office of the Registrar, Classroom Scheduling has partnered with Facilities Management, Utilities & Energy Management to develop classroom scheduling practices for university classrooms to aid in campus energy conservation. These new efforts are in accordance with The University of Iowa initiatives to reduce energy consumption, improve building environment conditions, and promote sustainability. These proven energy savings strategies have been adopted by many institutions across the country and are critical to The University of Iowa’s efforts to reach its sustainability targets. 

Classroom Scheduling adheres to a time cutoff for university classroom event scheduling to allow sufficient time for HVAC programming where necessary. In order for Facilities Management to provide climate control in university classroom buildings a 24-hour notice is required. All special event requests for university classrooms Monday - Thursdays will be required to be scheduled/processed, not requested, by close of business (4:30pm) the day prior to the event to ensure proper climate control. For example, a special event in SHAM for Tuesday evening at 6pm requires event processing BEFORE 4:30pm on Monday.

Weekends hold a particular cost savings benefit for our campus. Consequently, Classroom Scheduling schedules weekend activities in approved university classroom buildings based on the scheduling plan and in agreement with Facilities Management. Therefore, all Saturday and Sunday events will continue to be scheduled/processed, not requested, by Noon the Friday prior to the weekend event date to ensure proper climate control only in approved university classroom buildings. If departments require a one-time special exception to this new procedure, Classroom Scheduling and Facilities Management will attempt to make the necessary special HVAC arrangements. However, the exception cannot be guaranteed.