The University of Iowa

Fees and Costs


  • All non-University affiliated users (non-UI departments and non-UI student organizations) will be charged rent for the use of university classroom space.
  • In addition, all users will be charged for the direct out-of-pocket costs to the University resulting from use. Typically, these costs are billed as custodial charges.
  • Effective April 8, 2009, Primary and University affiliated users will no longer be assessed rental charges for university classroom space usage.
  • The Office of the Registrar may waive rental or custodial charges in special circumstances if the condition(s) warrant such a waiver.

Special request costs

  • Space is reserved on an “as is” condition.
  • Special requested set-ups such as stage arrangements or additional audio visual services will be charged to the user at actual cost. The user is responsible for making necessary arrangements with University service providers suggested by Classroom Scheduling.
  • Outside vendors may be used only when approved by the University department providing oversight of the actual service; i.e., Classroom Technology Support.
  • Vendor approval for audio visual services must be obtained by the user from the Manager of Classroom Technology Support prior to service contract arrangements.

Costs Resulting From Use 

All uses of space, whether University affiliated or not, whether for primary use or non-primary use, will be charged for any out of-pocket costs incurred by the University as a result of the use. Such costs are frequently but not always limited to custodial costs.  In some cases, any costs incurred for after-hours electronic building/classroom access will be charged to your department.  Please insure appropriate set up and tear down time has been applied to your reservation.

The Office of the Registrar may stipulate that specified services be provided in conjunction with certain uses if it is deemed to be in the best interest of the University. Costs for these services will be passed on to the users.

The user will be charged for the cost of any repairs to the facility resulting from misuse. The Office of the Registrar may specify and require a damage deposit payable prior to use if sufficient reason exists to suggest the likelihood of damage.

Additional charges based on an estimate of actual cost will be made for special technical set-ups, etc. Use of Macbride Hall Auditorium may result in audio visual technician fees if SUPPLEMENTARY support is needed after business hours. The equipment in this facility is specialized which requires experienced technical assistance based on an overtime rate schedule when used after-hours. All users will be required as part of their reservation to contact the technician suggested by Classroom Scheduling staff. Consultation with the technician will determine whether technical assistance service will be required or if other arrangements can be agreed upon.