The University of Iowa

Schedule of Courses Scheduling & Allocation Policy

The schedule of courses scheduling and allocation policy is listed under separate cover.  Please contact the office at (319) 335-0242 with any questions.

Breaks Between Class Times

Classroom Scheduling will process course and event scheduling with 10 to 15 minutes intervals between sessions. This short intermission of time is intended to be shared between the instructors occupying the same classroom space for students’ questions or audio visual setups while allowing students to arrive to the next class in a timely fashion.

Classes Conducted on the Pentacrest

It is advised the instructor request a space reservation with the Office of the Vice President for Student Services by calling (319) 335-3557.   See Operations Manual, Part V, Chapter 37, Use of the Pentacrest.

Final Examination Information

Final examination information and policies can be found at the Office of the Registrar’s Website.  All final examinations given in a university classroom must be secured through the Office of Classroom Scheduling.  Please call (319) 384-3263 or refer to the above website for further detail.