The University of Iowa

Friday Evening Reservation Procedures

Friday evening reservations will be processed for buildings which are normally open. In the case of recognized student organization events, operation within normal building hours is required unless such situation arises where a special facility is needed. Arrangements for building unlocks will be coordinated between Classroom Scheduling, Facilities Management, and/or Department of Public Safety, for the student or departmental groups, if approved by Classroom Scheduling.

Saturday / Sunday Reservation Procedures

Reservations will be processed for buildings which are normally open:

  • For small groups, University-related activities without charge, if no admission or solicitation, etc. is collected.
  • For large group activities (usually public admission in a room seating 100+), a custodian will be required and a charge assessed to cover hours of overtime posted as custodial fees. Coordination with Classroom Scheduling will be required by the user in the form of an MFK. Classroom Scheduling will arrange custodial services with Facilities Management Work Control Center while processing the room reservation.

Custodial charges are assessed for room use in facilities seating 100+ or in the case where 4 or more small classrooms are scheduled for use on the same date. This ensures servicing to the classroom, hallways, and nearby restroom facilities for Monday morning lectures. Schedule of course activities are exempt from the policy (such as review sessions, mandatory film screenings, or examinations).

Classroom Scheduling reserves the right to “back charge” any user if the room is left in an unsatisfactory condition. This is added as a surcharge to any previously quoted custodial fees or as a basic fee if room was scheduled initially at no charge.  For buildings that are not open, requests should be shifted to a facility with open building hours. If this is not an acceptable arrangement to the user, Classroom Scheduling reserves the right to deny reservation request. University official building hours are kept on file by Facilities Management Work Control Center, (319) 335-5071.

See Costs Resulting From Use regarding reservations secured in Macbride Auditorium.