The University of Iowa

A registered Student Organization may request one University Classroom (UCR) of 69 seats or fewer through Classroom Scheduling based on the following items:

  • In order to secure a reservation for a weekly or biweekly UCR meeting space, a single representative from the registered Student Organization must submit an online UCR reservation request form here.  Please designate only one representative from your student organization who will submit all reservation requests throughout the semester.
  • The weekly or biweekly reservation request should be submitted after January 1st or August 1st (the deadline date to submit changes to spring and fall semester course offerings).
  • All UCRs will be reserved with the “Right to Recall.” No UCRs will be reserved on final exam dates.  Please note - courses always receive priority placement in UCRs.
  • The request must be for ONE UCR seating 69 seats or fewer and must be the same time and day for every weekly or biweekly meeting.  Maximum use is 4 consecutive hours. 
  • Event times must coordinate with open building and classroom schedules.  Contact Classroom Scheduling at for UCR access hours.
  • Requests for modifications to previously scheduled events in UCRs can be emailed to  Please do NOT submit a 2nd online request form to request event modifications.

If your organization is reserving a UCR for another UI student organization, your organization will be responsible for whatever occurs in the UCR.  This means in the event a UCR is left in an unacceptable manner, Classroom Scheduling reserves the right to assess the reserving student organization for any fees related to the services required to return the room to a normal operating state.  If the facility is left in an unacceptable manner, future UCR use by the reserving student organization may also be compromised.

University Classrooms are primarily teaching facilities.  They are not considered entertainment venues.  If your event involves amplified music, dancing, talent shows, juggling, singing, etc., Classroom Scheduling will supply alternate contact information from UI departments that may allow such events.