The University of Iowa

For University Classrooms SINGLE DATE Use:

  • In order to secure a reservation for a UCR, a single representative of the registered Student Organization must submit an online UCR reservation request form here.  Please designate only one representative from your student organization who will submit all reservation requests throughout the semester. 
  • UCRs are scheduled on a first come, first served basis. UCRs are subject to various regulations such as “Right to Recall."  No UCRs will be reserved on final exam dates. Please note - courses always receive priority placement in UCRs. 
  • The reservation request should be submitted after January 1st or August 1st (the deadline date to submit changes to spring and fall semester course offerings) for each spring or fall session.
  • A student organization can reserve a single room for up to four event dates per month in a UCR (in an unlocked building) for up to 4 continuous hours unless approved by Classroom Scheduling.  An online UCR request form for the four event dates can be submitted no more than one month prior to the month in which the event occurs.  For example, if the event is scheduled for April, the reservation can be submitted in March.  If more than one classroom is needed on a single date, the number assigned is charged against the 4 classroom allowance.
  • Please note, evening examinations and courses remain our priority.  Therefore, classrooms seating over 70 are not intended for semester long assignment.  Please see Weekly or Biweekly Event Request Process.
  • Exceptions to this policy may be granted at the discretion of Classroom Scheduling for special circumstances, i.e. a film festival, a conference requiring multiple facilities, or an event requiring advance publicity. Please contact Classroom Scheduling for further details.
  • Requests for modifications to previously scheduled events in UCRs can be emailed to  Please do not submit a 2nd online request form to request event modifications.

Individual students not affiliated with a UI registered student organization cannot reserve a UCR. If UCR space is required for course-related projects, your course instructor may reserve a room on your behalf.  Please ask your course instructor to submit an online UCR reservation form here.

Individuals and organizations may be charged for any costs incurred by the University due to damage, misuse, or mess created by the individual(s) using the room.

Events occurring on Saturday and/or Sunday will be assessed overtime custodial charges under the following circumstances:

  • Use of four or more UCRs (approval required)
  • Use of a UCR seating 100 or more, plus any additional UCRs, if applicable to your event.
  • If your weekend event involves overtime custodial charges, before your event request is processed, it will be forwarded to the IMU Student Organization Business Office. If sufficient funds exist in your account to cover all associated costs, SOBO will reroute your request back to Classroom Scheduling with an MFK accounting number. This accounting number is required to pay for the overtime custodial charges. 
  • A UCR cannot be secured for your event until SOBO reroutes your request to Classroom Scheduling with an MFK accounting number.
  • Reservation cancellations must be submitted within two business days prior to your event date.  If cancellation notice is submitted after two business days, custodial fees will be charged to your department or organization, if applicable to your event.

Even if no custodial charges were initially applied to your event, your organization can be back charged.  If the reserved UCR(s) is left in an unacceptable state and custodial services are required to restore the room(s) to normal operating standards, Classroom Scheduling reserves the right to back charge your organization for all incurred custodial fees.

Event times must coordinate within open, unlocked building and classroom schedules. Contact Classroom Scheduling at for UCR access hours.