The University of Iowa

Classroom Scheduling coordinates schedules for 300 university classrooms located on main campus. Reservations for these facilities can be made by web form (preferred), by email, or by phone at (319) 335-1243. Users are not limited to use of the classroom or conference room pool for campus activities. In fact, we encourage the use of other University facilities based on administrative policy of the controlling department due to our primary scheduling function of the schedule of courses. Application for proposed uses should be made to the following departments.

In Part V, Chapter 35, of The University of Iowa Operations Manual, the following guidelines have been outlined and therefore incorporated in the operating procedures for Classroom Scheduling. The policy grants decisions regarding scheduling, space allocation, rates, facilities use, application deadlines, and all other matters relating to proposed uses of University facilities by non-primary users be made by the office to which application for use is made. Application for a proposed non-primary use that involves multiple University facilities may be made to the offices specified above.

In approving a proposed non-primary use, the office to which application is made may specify such conditions of the proposed use as is deemed advisable. An application may be denied for failure of the applicant to provide full and accurate information as requested.

General Operating Procedures 

Reservation Submission Deadlines 

Policy for Weekend Reservations