The University of Iowa

Who Can Reserve a Classroom

Individual students cannot reserve a university classroom.  If classroom space is required for course-related projects, your course instructor may reserve a room on your behalf.

The following policies apply to use of the University Classrooms (UCRs) by Student Organizations that have been officially registered by either the Leadership, Service, & Civic Engagement Office or a Collegiate Administrative Office.  Only such registered student organizations may reserve a UCR.  Classroom Scheduling reserves the right to review all student organization events on a case-by case-basis for adherence to policies.  

When a registered student organization is planning an event for which there are financial arrangements, admission charged,  money collected, films shown, or political speakers, the event request must be initially approved by the Leadership, Service, and Civic Engagement Office in the Iowa Memorial Union.


No food or drink allowed in any University Classrooms.

Student Organizations are unable to reserve TILE classrooms.

Student Organizations are unable to make reservations on final exam dates. 

Costs, Fees, and Charges

Individuals and organizations may be charged for any costs incurred by the University due to damage, misuse, or mess created by the individual(s) using the room.  Additionally, any costs incurred for after-hours electronic classroom access will be charged to your student organization.  Please insure appropriate set up and tear down time has been applied to your reservation.

Events taking place on Saturday and/or Sunday will be assessed custodial service charges under the following circumstances:

  • Use of four or more classrooms (approval required).
  • Use of one or more rooms seating 100 or more.
  • It is the Student Organization's responsibility to contact the IMU Student Organization Business Office, room 159 IMU to confirm funds exist to cover all associated costs. Submission of the group's MFK# to Classroom Scheduling must be received via email and is required for processing before the classroom assignment is considered secured.

Even in those situations where there is no custodial charges applied up front, your organization may be back charged for custodial services if a room(s) is left in an unacceptable state and custodial services are required to restore the room to its normal operating condition.

Event Times

Event times must coordinate within open building and classroom schedules. Contact Classroom Scheduling via email for building and classroom access hours.

Modifications to Reservations

Requests for modifications to previously scheduled events in classrooms may be emailed to Classroom Scheduling via email.

Registered Student Organization SINGLE Event Request Process

Registered Student Organization WEEKLY or BIWEEKLY Event Request Process