The University of Iowa

Classroom Scheduling will notify the appropriate office at least 48 hours in advance of an event when special access requirements for classrooms or buildings are required. For any access problems to classrooms during daytime hours, Monday-Friday, contact Classroom Scheduling at (319) 335-1243. 

After-Hours Access Emergencies

If the building or classroom entrance is not unlocked appropriately for an approved after-hours event, contact the Department of Public Safety at (319) 335-5022. 

You may be required to show validation of the event confirmation to staff personnel before the room is unlocked.

Classroom Electronic Lock Policy

Classroom Scheduling’s event management practices provides faculty and staff access to academic buildings and university classrooms whenever necessary during non-business hours, i.e., weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and during session breaks. However, on rare occasion the user may find the automatic electronic programming of the facility to be delayed or fail completely during non-business hours. This can be troublesome to resolve quickly during these non-business time frames. Users should be aware the electronic access will be provided precisely at the time designated on the user’s confirmation not any earlier.  Please be aware, any costs incurred for after-hours electronic building/classroom access will be charged to your department if last minute unlock/relock time adjustments are requested during non-business hours.  Please insure appropriate set up and tear down time has been applied to your reservation.

Consequently, Classroom Scheduling grants faculty and staff backup access on their Iowa One Card that is programmed to span his or her special event date(s) to approved/scheduled university classrooms and academic buildings operational on the AMAG systems. This is done at the request of the faculty or staff upon special event coordination with Classroom Scheduling. This courtesy access does not guarantee access to any facility especially in the case of a hardware/mechanical failure at the door or server glitch. Access expiration at the conclusion of the special event will occur. Card holders should not share their access cards or let unauthorized persons into locked buildings or classrooms using their access card.

Temporary electronic access will be provided to academic buildings in which university classrooms are housed only. Classroom Scheduling is unable to authorize permanent building entrance access to faculty or staff.

Students do not qualify for this special programming.

Access Policy to University Classroom Users

  • Faculty or staff who have an Iowa One Card will be granted access to the following entrances by Classroom Scheduling upon completion of special event processing.
  • Main entrance(s) on the AMAG electronic lock system that coordinates to the building location of the special event approved by Classroom Scheduling
  • University classroom(s) approved and scheduled by Classroom Scheduling
  • Access policy does not include students or student organization representatives