University of Iowa University Classrooms are supported by a team of service providers from across campus who are committed to offering high quality learning environments.  This group values and encourages input and comments from faculty, staff, and students regarding the quality of spaces and the support services provided.  If you have comments, questions or concerns please contact any of the providers listed on the contact page, submit comments through the feedback form, or contact members of Learning Spaces Governance.

Historic photo of 300 CB from the 1930s

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Welcome to the new University of Iowa Classrooms website!  We hope you enjoy the new look and features of the website, including an updated classroom search tool.  If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please contact us for assistance at

General Assignment Classrooms have a new name

In addition to a brand new website, we have some exciting news regarding University of Iowa classrooms.  As a result of the TIER Classroom Utilization Initiative, and to meet the needs of growing student enrollments, scheduling strategies are being implemented by the Office of the Provost to increase collaboration, better match teaching pedagogy with instructional space, improve campus-wide academic facility utilization, and optimize the use of instructional spaces across campus through centralization.

As a result, the Office of the Provost and the Office of the Registrar have rebranded University of Iowa campus classrooms.  Going forward, General Assignment Classrooms (GACs) will now be known as University Classrooms (UCRs).  For more information on these exciting changes, please visit the TIER Classroom Utilization Initiative page.  

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Building Room Occupancy
ABW 110 26
ABW 112 32
ABW 116 77
ABW 240 264
AJB E105 63
AJB E120 42
AJB E126 36
AJB E132 36
AJB E146 36
AJB E205 40