Follow steps and policies listed below for UI department event requests in university classrooms. 

Department Event Reservations

University Classrooms are utilized for both course offerings and other academic activities that support our students and departments. Reservation deadlines and processes have been established to permit efficient use of available classroom space and provide an orderly framework for instructional planning. The use of standard time-blocks for classes and events alike allows for greater flexibility in resources.

Requestors must complete the Department Event Request Form (below) to reserve a University Classroom. Classroom Scheduling will review the form and will respond in a timely manner. Events are processed on a first-come, first-served basis with careful consideration to event date and time sensitivity. During peak request times (the first two or three weeks of the fall and spring semesters), we ask that you understand there may be a delay in processing your reservation.

When submitting your request, please keep in mind that Facilities Management Access Services and UI Energy Control Center require a 48-hour (two business day) notice in order to reprogram electronic building entrances(s) and University Classroom(s) locks and to ensure proper climate control. 

Types of Department Events

Department special event requests may include the following:

  • Course related activities
    • Class activities
    • Breakout or help sessions (in order to provide equal distribution of classrooms, each course is limited to one help session or breakout session)
    • Exams (please see the Reservations page for details on different types of exam scheduling)
  • Department or committee meetings
  • Faculty and staff work and research activities
  • Other activities necessary to and part of the regular conduct of university business 

Key Dates

Classroom Scheduling will accept special event reservation requests beginning on these key dates to ensure adequate placement for the schedule of courses. Some exceptions may be in place.

July 1 

Fall semester event scheduling begins

December 1

Spring semester event scheduling begins

April 1 

Summer semester event scheduling begins*

*University Classrooms are prioritized for First Year OnIowa! programming the week before the fall session begins. Classroom Scheduling anticipates scheduling events during this week beginning in mid-May.

Events During Final Exam Week

Classroom scheduling will begin accepting final exam week reservation requests after the official publication of the final exam schedule to MyUI in the given semester.  Requests for events on final exam dates can be sent to

Department Policies

Please visit Classroom Use Policies for a full listing of University Classroom policies, including the Right to Recall policy. 

Departments may be charged for any costs incurred by the university due to damage, misuse, or mess created by the individual(s) using the room.  

Any costs incurred for after-hours electronic classroom access will be charged to your department.  Please insure appropriate set up and tear down time has been applied to your reservation.

Events taking place on Saturday and/or Sunday will be assessed custodial service charges under the following circumstances:

  • Use of four or more classrooms (approval required).
  • Use of one or more rooms seating 100 or more.

Departments must submit an MFK# to Classroom Scheduling via email for processing before the classroom assignment is considered secured.

Even in those situations where there is no custodial charges applied up front, your department may be back charged for custodial services if a room(s) is left in an unacceptable state and custodial services are required to restore the room to its normal operating condition.

Building Hours

Event times must coordinate within open building and classroom schedules. Contact Classroom Scheduling via email for building and classroom access hours.

Standardized Time-Block Model

Special event reservations must follow set scheduling patterns with compatible start and end times. The standardized time-blocks are outlined on Standardized Time-Block Model on the Office of the Registrar website.

Departments may sponsor events for another group, however, by doing so the department will take on the liability and responsibility for the space.

If a department submits a requests on behalf of a student organization, the sponsoring department should use the Student Organization Room Request form and properly identify the student organization.  The sponsoring department will be subject to all classroom scheduling Student Organization Policies including verification and frequency of use of University Classrooms (UCRs).

Responsibilities for the sponsoring staff/faculty member or department
Sponsor agrees:

  • to be present at the event and/or have a thorough understanding of the event activity and classroom policies
  • to be responsible for the communication of any restrictions to the event organizers in planning the use of classroom facilities 
  • to assume responsibility for any charges incurred for the use of the facilities, services, damages, repairs, etc., should the sponsored organization be unable to cover associated expenses

No food or drink allowed in any University Classrooms.

Events with an intended audience of the public will be directed to the IMU for scheduling.

TILE Classrooms are active learning instructional spaces that require special TILE training which is coordinated by the Center for Teaching. Please see the TILE Classroom page for additional details and to learn more about TILE. 

Events during final exam week should be limited to standard classroom uses such as for department meetings, course related activities, and other uses within the institution.  Please see Classroom Use Policies for a full policy for final exam week events. 

Do not affix any directional or event promotional signage to building or classroom walls.

If the university experiences an emergency of any kind due to weather, utility outage, or other unforeseen disaster, the special event should be considered canceled.