Today's Schedule

Molecular Genetics

8:30AM - 9:20AM

Genetics and Biotechnology Lab

9:30AM - 10:20AM

Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience of Executive Functions

3:30PM - 4:45PM
Classroom Furniture
47 - Tablet Arm Chairs
1 - Student ADA Chair/Table
1 - Instructor Table
1 - Instructor Chair
Design Details
Floor Covering - Tile
Lighting - Switched in Banks
Location - 1st Floor East
Window Covering - Blinds and Roller Shades
Window Exposure - South
Front Writing Surface - 16 Foot Chalkboard
Rear Writing Surface - 16 Foot Whiteboard
Sides Writing Surface - 8 Foot Whiteboard
Room Features
Chalkboard - Standard
Seats - Moveable Tablet Arms
Whiteboard - Standard
Technology Features
Mersive Solstice Pod
Document Camera
Computer - Windows
Disc Player - DVD
HDMI Cable
Technology Control System
Projector - Laser
Wireless - Access
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Responsible Unit
Instructional Room Category
University Classroom